Cross of Iron

Well, I'm still in
a condition to issue orders

Those orders will be obeyed
I'm prepared to disobey
that order, sir

You've been around
to stand it too long

Come, listen to me
for a moment

For many of us Germans
the exterminator is

long overdue and I have
decided that you, I will save

But I'm part of all this
There are better people than me

Most of them are
being killed out there

There's nothing wrong with you
except you snore too much

You're a brave man
braver than you think you are

One of these days there will
be a need for brave civilians

Have you thought of that?
In the new Germany if such
a thing is allowed to exist

there will be a need for
builders, for thinkers-

Of course we can't see now
what your job is to be

I'll make this my final
order to you

You'll search out
and contact all of these

better people you call them?
And together you'll take on
the responsibilities of those

of the survivors
Now you must leave
Please leave
Fone, take Captain
Kiesle to the railroad