Czlowiek z marmuru

But we can't blow it.
That's a shit-load of bricks.
We'll lay them.
Just so it's not a circus.
You know, for the camera.
Me, for the camera?!?!
I'm doing it for me, to see if you
can build a house in two weeks.

Why not one week?!?!
Who the hell knows, maybe?
Everybody would have a home...

Yeah, that's true.
So, is it a deal?
Get some sleep.
I can't.
Count bricks, that'll help.
Ten thousand calories a day!
- For how long?
- Two weeks.

What's the matter?!?! ...Eat!
I'm full.
- Just one more slice...
- I can't!

- It's no good, it's bitter.
- So what?!?! ...drink some anyway.

It'll make you stronger.
- All right, half then.
- All of it.

It's real, Brazilian.
I made sure he had the
best conditions.

I'm ready.
With a mug like that?!?!
He needs a shave.
All of them do.