As I was leaving
my hotel this morning,

the doorman asked me,
"Where are you
bound for, sir?"

When I replied,
"West Point,"

he remarked,
"It's a beautiful place.

Have you ever
been there before?"

Duty, Honor, Country.
Those three hallowed words
reverently dictate...

what you ought to be,
what you can be...
and what you will be.
They are your
rallying points.

They give you
a temper of the will,

a quality of
the imagination,

a vigor of
the emotions,

a freshness of
the deep springs of life,

a temperamental predominance
of courage over timidity,

an appetite
for adventure...

over love of ease.
In this way, they will teach you
to be an officer...

and a gentleman.
From your ranks come the great
captains who will hold...

the nation's destiny
in their hands...

the moment
the war tocsin sounds.

The Long Gray Line...
has never failed us.
Were you to do so,
a million ghosts
in olive drab...

and brown khaki,
in blue and gray...

would rise from
their white crosses...

those magic words:

Duty, Honor, Country!
This does not mean
that you are warmongers.