of disregarding
these instructions.

My assistant chief of staff
will repeat the complete text...

of this letter by radio
to General MacArthur.

It's a trick!
It's a Japanese deception!

No, sir. Everyone recognized
the general's voice.

He struck Old Glory
and ran up a bedsheet!

By what authority does he issue
such an unlawful order?

He's the acting commander.
The only possible explanation is
that he's temporarily deranged.

For that reason alone,
his orders have no validity.

I place no credence
on this alleged broadcast.

Everybody up there believed him, the
Japanese included! The conditions...

If it's true, then we
should get back at once.

It's not too late to join
the guerrillas on Luzon.

General, you-you
can't be serious.

They-They won't be
organized for months.

Now, we both know that Wainwright
could not hold on indefinitely.

He was not asked
to hold on indefinitely!

His job was to defend the
island until help arrived!

That was his assignment. He
had no supplies, no food left!

The malaria was
totally out of hand.

If he had tried to
hold out one more day,

we would've had
a dreadful massacre.

General, would...
Yes, yes, yes.
I suppose it was
just a matter of time.

General Blamey on line two, sir.
I can't speak to him now.

He'll call back later.
There's some talk
in Washington about...

a Medal of Honor
for Wainwright.

They want you
to recommend it.