That's our general.
And you should see the fire-engine
red car he just drove up in.

Douglas MacArthur
starring Douglas MacArthur.

He keeps me waiting half an hour, and
then he gets a bigger reception than I did.

Now I see what
Eisenhower meant.

He said he spent nine
long years with MacArthur...

studying dramatics!
Excuse me, sir.
Would you look this way?

Keep talking
and act natural.

You're looking well, Douglas.
Tell me about your family.

Just fine, thank you,
Mr. President.

Sorry that I couldn't entertain
Eleanor when she was in Australia.

She enjoyed visiting
with Mrs. MacArthur.

You, as I recall, were
out of town fighting a war.

Oh, and, Douglas, before
we get down to business,

I'd like to take this opportunity
to present you with a decoration.

The Order of Merit for
Conspicuous Inspiration...

of the American People.
General MacArthur, we have asked you
here because the Joint Chiefs of Staff...

have been considering for about
a year, without a decision,

the next step to be taken
in the Pacific war.

The president has decided he
would like to hear firsthand...

the views of his commanders
in chief in the field.

Admiral Nimitz, would you please present
the plan prepared by you and Admiral King.

Yes, sir.
In our westward drive
across the Pacific,