New York, New York

Talk to it!
Talk to it!

Okay, before you get excited.
just let me explain what happened.

Remember that cat Cecil Powell
I used to always tell you about?

Yeah, all right. Okay.
We'd better go to lunch.

I'll explain it to you then.
What's this?
What am I getting into?

What are you getting into?
You're getting into a Buick.

A 1941 green Buick. Just get in.
I'll explain it to you later.

Trumpet player O. D.'d.
Long story. Just get in the car.

I'll explain it to you later.
Baby, if you don't get in the car.
I have no way of talking to you.

I'm not gonna shout it
in the street.

so you ought to get in the car.
and then I'll explain it to you.

You remember Cecil Powell?
You remember him?