Smokey and the Bandit

It's only 900 miles there
and 900 miles back.

Well, for your information,
that ain't never been done, not in no rig.

'Cause you and I never done it in no rig.
You gotta stop thinkin' so negative.

'Course we can make it.
We ain't never not made it yet, have we?

- Well, no.
- You see? There you are.

Yeah. Yeah, I see. I see all right.
I see our asses in a sling
if we get caught, that's what I see.

Hey! Ho-ho-ho!
Well, God Almighty,
would you look at that!

- It's beautiful, huh?
- Honey, hush.

I don't guess we're gonna be ridin'
in the truck together this time?

No, son. I'll be drivin' this one
and blockin'.

You'll be drivin' the truck.
This is Bandit One and that is...

...Bandit Two. Together again.
- Like Fred and Ginger and Lester and Earl.
- That's right. But we got a problem.

You know them Smokeys
got them CBs in the car now.

I haven't worked that out yet,
but I'm thinkin' about it.

I got an idea.
Why don't we do this?

If I say go to channel 21, forget it.
We ain't goin' to 21, we're goin' to 19.

- 21 is 19?
- If I say go to channel six, forget it.

- We go to three.
- I go to three. Perfect.

- If I say go to channel two, we go to one.
- Two is one.

- That'll confuse everybody.
- That'll confuse 'em.

On the other hand,
if we stayed on the odd channels,

switched every time and started
in the basement, that'd work, too.

- That'd do it, too, wouldn't it?
- Well, yeah, that'd work too, I guess.

- Let's haul ass.
- OK.

Breaker One. This is the Bandit.
Is the Snowman out there?