The Rescuers

Uh, Mr. Rufus, please think.
Now, there must be something else.

Well, come to think of it,
there was.

Oh, no, no, it's-- it's nothing.
Penny wouldn't get in with her.

Get in what? W-With who?
Oh, a weird lady
tried to give Penny a ride...

but she wouldn't have anything to do
with trashy people like them.

Trashy people? Who?
She and her partner run
a sleazy pawn shop down the street.

Miss Bianca, we must
go down there and investigate.

Suit yourself, but you'd be
wasting your time going down there.

She could be in real trouble.
We gotta find her and help her.

Yeah, but two little mice.
What-- What can you do?

Bernard, uh, a child's book!
It's Penny's!
Then, uh--
Then she's gotta be here.

W-What's so funny?