Big Wednesday

Would you like to go to a party
with me tonight at Barlow's?

I don't even know you.
I'm Leroy, the Masochist,
and I'll do anything.

What a radical guy.
Enforcer! Go get her!
Get her number, Enforcer!
She's your type!

Those Valley barbarians are
using women in the front ranks.

Taking advantage of our chivalry.
Hey, you dumb Okie!
Hey, Johnson!
- Matt, get over here.
- We'll buddy up.

Dive over.
After we surfed,
we'd go down to the old pier...

:09:30 the Bear's shop.
Bear made our boards and told stories.

He knew where
waves came from and why.

Like the surfers that came before us,
we saw everything in the Bear.

- Was Matt always hot?
- You think he's pretty great, huh?

Well, he is good. So is Jack
and Leroy, in his own way.

He could use a little more experience.
They'd get it
if they kept on surfing.

What? Those guys are so stoked,
they'll surf forever.