Nobody else cares?
There have been 1 0 cases
of unexplained coma...

:31:07 young, healthy patients
in the last year.

Now, don't you find that surprising?
You don't.
Susan, this hospital does
30,000 operations a year.

l'm not surprised a few turn out
with serious unexplained side effects.

Medicine isn't perfect.
We all accept that.
Don't we?
There's a crisis
in her personal life.

-She's involved with a resident.
-l know.

lt's led her to overreact
to this situation...

...which she has not
consciously faced.

She's under stress
and a little paranoid.

Think we'll have
any more trouble with her?

l don't think so.
l hope you're right.
l hate to admit it. l think l was
really upset about Nancy.

You on call tonight?
So am l.
Why don't we have
a terrific dinner...

...just the two of us
in the hospital cafeteria?

-Sounds great!
-About 1 1 ?

You got a date.
Maybe afterwards, we can go to
our favorite room on the eighth floor.

Nobody will be there after midnight.
l think we're looking
at cortical anoxia.

-l'll check the Babinski.
-How old is he?

When did you administer
the additional dosage?

At the onset of cardiac irritability.
The surgeon said he was light.

Surgeons know nothing about anesthesia.
What'd you give?

Two cc's push.
There was no reason
there'd be a problem.

Just seemed a little light.
Some PVC in runs,
transient hypotension...

...but no sign of hypoxia.
Skin color and blood
were all red and fully oxygenated.

The pupils are fixed and dilated,
l must presume brain death.

Any relation to your other case?
Completely different.
Different staffs,
different anesthetic agents.

-He better be trached.
-Do we need a pulmonary consult?

Request the consult...
...but go ahead with the tracheotomy.
This is a long-term
management problem.

-Come on.
-lt happened again.