Do you have a patient
named Greenly?

l don't know. Check in there.
l can't keep track of names.

ln microscopic section,
we may expect evidence...

...of fatty degeneration in cells...
...with polymorphs and histiocytes
around them.

Okay, incise the kidney there.
Looks normal.
Okay, remove it.
This is Howard.
Greenly's over there.

Hi, Jim.
Hi, Sue. What brings you here?
lnterested in this case?

That's right.
Hell of a puzzler.
Young girl, good health...

:40:42 for a therapeutic AB,
comes out comatose.

Found anything?
Naturally, we started with the brain.
Grossly, it was normal.
l'm doing a section. Want to see?

Ordinarily, these coma cases
get shipped to Jefferson.

-What's Jefferson?
-Jefferson lnstitute.

A chronic-care facility.
Government thing.

They take care of the vegetables.
Sometimes they die before
they get there, like this one.

More work for us.
Now we'll get an idea.
We're looking for anything.
Micro-infarcts, staph loci...

...gross hemorrhagic areas,
congenital defects....

Nothing. Just like the
other cases, we come up cold.

l know it sounds silly...
...but if you wanted to put people
in a coma, what would you do?

On purpose?
Diethyl para-amino tannadol.
No, it leaves a serum trace.
-lf you look for it.
-lt also peaks alk phos.

A real giveaway.
Besides, who can get tannadol?

-Use paradine.
-lt has a taste.

We'd make great murderers.
Who knows more than a pathologist?

lt keeps my wife in line.
Hell of a lot of crimes
slip through our fingers.

But in this case, a coma.
First rule of crime:
Keep it simple.