Damien: Omen II

I gave him the daggers myself.
He is in Chicago,
living with his father's brother.

Now, you... must take this
and give it to his new parents.

- Well, what is it?
- A letter inside explains everything.

- Carl, you can hardly expect...
- They have to be warned!

I'm too old. I'm too ill. I can't go myself.
And I am the only living person
who knows the truth.

I've got a reputation to maintain!
That is why it has to be you.
They will listen to you.

And then have me committed. No!
Look, Carl, we're old friends.
I think we understand one another.

- You can't expect me to believe that...
- Then come to Yigael's Wall!

- What, now?
- Now!

(car horn beeps)
- (baaing)
- (shouting)

Here, Michael.
Carl Bugenhagen...
...I hope this guarantees me a place
in the kingdom of heaven.