Damien: Omen II

(Charles) Many of these
have already been sent.

We should be getting the first shipment
in about three weeks.

Ah. I thought that would interest you.
- Oh, dear!
- Yes, she is a bit frightening, isn't she?

The Whore of Babylon?
You're incredible.
Yep, the Whore of Babylon.

She represents Rome.
"The ten horns of the beast are ten kings...

...who have no kingdoms yet; but will be
granted temporary power by the devil."

His names are carved there.
The Spoiler.
The Little Horn. The Desolate One.
- Why is she riding him?
- I don't know. But it wasn't to be for long.

The Book of Revelation says the ten kings...
..."shall hate the whore,
and make her desolate and naked...

...shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire."
Hm... That's not very nice.
Who's the young lady?
Her name is Joan Hart.
She's a friend of mine-ajournalist.

She's doing a biography of Bugenhagen,
the archaeologist who worked in the area.

- I've heard of him.
- She's coming to Chicago, Richard.

- She wants to interview you.
- What for?

Oh, well... Background of the exhibit,
patrons of archaeological digs.

- I'm not very happy about giving interviews.
- I know.

- Of any kind.
- I know.