Damien: Omen II

(offcer shouting commands)
Ready! Halt!
Present... arms!
- That must be him.
- He looks OK.

They're all the same.
Order... arms!
Bradley platoon, stand fast!
The other platoons, to the mess hall.

By the right flank, march!
(band strikes up)
At ease, boys.
This is Sergeant Daniel Neff.
He'll be taking over as platoon officer
from Sergeant Goodrich.

Sergeant Neff is a very experienced soldier,
and I am sure that within a few weeks...

...you will be the snappiest platoon
in the entire academy.

I'll leave any further introductions
to the sergeant.

You'll speak to me only when you're spoken
to. And you'll listen to every word I say.

Because I intend to shine in my new job.
And the only way that I can shine...
is by making you shine.

You're the little unit that I have to polish
until the glare of your achievements...

...blinds everybody on this parade ground.
- Am I understood?
- (all) Yes, sir!

I'll meet each of you personally
in my office after breakfast.

For now... your names?
- Mark Thorn, Sergeant.
- Thorn?

Your family has strong connections
with this place, hasn't it?

- Well? Hasn't it?
- My father and grandfather were cadets, sir.