Damien: Omen II

I'm the first to admit
that Paul's difficult to get on with...

...but it took us years
to find a man with his qualifications.

I'm not questioning his qualifications.
It's, uh...

His manner.
I can even cope with his manner.
I've met and dealt with every kind.

No. I don't like what he's proposing.
It sticks in my craw.

And I don't intend to hide my feelings.
Are you worried it could get us
in trouble with the Justice Department?

Well, he's dealing with highly emotive stuff.
Bill... let's hear him out.
The only thing I ask is...

...that you couch your objections
with a little more delicacy than usual.

Jennie! Is Miss Marion dressed yet?
I don't think she's awake, Mrs Thorn.
I knocked, but she didn't answer.

Thank you.
Aunt Marion?
You'll miss your plane!
Paul, what you're saying is that we should
give up our leadership in electronics.

You're wrong. My report says
Thorn Industries' main interest...

...is in energy and electronics.
Because of this bias, we ignore
what's going on here at this plant.

We ignore it at our own risk. Our profitable
future, aside from energy, lies also in famine.

What?! That statement is typical of you,
Paul. It's heartless and...

And true. Not heartless, realistic.
Pasarian, hold it here.
Are these solutions designated?
No, not yet. Each tank
has a different fertiliser and pesticide.

They won't be designated until
we pump it into the experimental crop beds.