Damien: Omen II

# Happy birthday, dear Mark
# Happy birthday to you
- Make a wish and blow out the candles.
- (Richard) Go ahead, Mark. Blow them out!

(Damien) All of them, Mark.
Hold it, Mark.
(giggles) Cut the cake.
- (Richard) Make a wish!
- (Ann) He's made one.

- Ooh, there goes the lake.
- (cheering)

Oh, Paul. I'm really gratified to learn...
...that you decided to shelve
your land acquisition project.

Well... it may be in the best interests
of the company, Bill.

But I still don't understand your opposition.
Just because it's never been done
doesn't make it illegal.

But is it ethical?
- There we are.
- Thank you.

- Take a fork, darling.
- All right.

- How are things at the academy, Damien?
- OK, Mr Buher.

And Sergeant Neff?
- Do you know him?
- I've asked about him.

Just keeping an eye on you, Damien.
Do you know exactly what I do
for Thorn Industries?

- Not really, sir.
- Well, you should.

You should know everything about
the Thorn business-it'll be yours one day.

And Mark's.
And Mark's. Of course.
Say, why don't you, uh...
pay a visit to the plant soon?

- Could I bring some friends?
- Of course.

May I have your attention?
Listen, everyone!
Before Mark opens his presents,
I have a surprise for you...

...so I want you to all follow me.