Damien: Omen II

...please check with your airlines agent.
There will be an approximate delay
of one to two hours.

(phone rings)
This is the Thorn residence.
No, Mr Pasarian. He's out.
(phone rings)
Pasarian! Where the hell are you?
Listen. I think you'd better
get over here right away.

All right.
(ringing tone)
Not in.
Why would Pasarian call me here?
Oh, well. I'll call him tomorrow.
And when I telephoned him the next day,
they told me he was dead! Murdered!

- What?
- Strangled.

Are you telling me that because he refused to
sell to us, he was killed by one of our people?

- I'm almost sure of it.
- Impossible.

Look, I was in eight provinces
evaluating land you want to buy...

...and in three of them, three killings!
- Who's responsible?
- I've no idea!

- I'll look into it.
- Shouldn't we tell Mr Thorn?

I'll talk to him.
By the way, he wants to see you.

- Oh? What for?
- The P-84's been acting up.

There's a report on your desk. Take care of it
tomorrow. I don't want to shut it down.

Yeah, I'll, uh... I'll take care of it.
I hope we don't have
some overenthusiastic men in the field.