Eyes of Laura Mars

-How is it in there?
-Too early to tell.

-We're about to be clotheslined.
-By whom?

Sheila Weissman.
Miss Mars, I'm Sheila Weissman.
I remember you. How are you?
We agreed that interviews
would be done inside the gallery.

I want to ask her if she knows
how offensive her work is to women.

-Let's go.

Photography is becoming
a high-priced commodity.

And there is suspicion
in some circles in the art world...

...a feeling that we're running
out of salable paintings...

...and photography
is being pumped up.

That an artificial market
is being created...

...and photography is just a hype.
These are not easy
questions to answer...

...but here in this gallery...
...there is a fabulous exhibit
of violent and sexy photographs.

Aren't you doing
a fashion hustle?

Recycled photographs, really.
Does anyone have
anything positive to ask?

Do you consider yourself
a serious artist?

-I'm very serious about my work.
-Serious by what standards?

-By my own standards.
-lsn't that an elitist position?

Honestly, I think
I'd better take the Fifth.

You can do better than that,
Ms. Mars. Really.

Fellas, come on.
Give us a break here, huh?

She'll see you later, I promise.
I loved your questions.

We have to mix
with the real people now.

-ls there a back door?
-You are a sensation.

You're the right
number of minutes late.

Traffic was terrible.
We are going to sell
pictures like crazy.

Now, who shall we work on first?
The art world is
being asked to consider...

...these provocative pictures
as salable art.

We'll be examining
these questions tonight...

...and meeting people on all sides...