I Wanna Hold Your Hand

You know what happened
to me today? I tried to pick up
seven different chicks. Seven.

And they all gave me shit.
They gave me shit! Now, a week ago,
this couldn't have happened.

I'm fed up, Dubois. I've had it
up to here with this crap.

Something's gotta be done.
Something's gotta be done
to stop it...

I don't know what...
but it's gotta be done now
before it spreads any further.

It's like a goddamn disease,
for Christ's sakes! Do you
understand what I'm saying here?

Yeah. Yeah.
Well, I'm gonna get back
to the car, Tony, so...

Yeah. Go ahead.
Go on. I'll... I gotta
think this shit out.

#We love you, Beatles
oh, yes, we do #

#We don't love anyone
as much as you #

#When you're not near us
we're blue #

# Oh, Beatles, we love you #
#We love you, Beatles
oh, yes, we do ##

Well, if nobody wanted to buy any,
then where's your sheets?

Well, I, um... I don't know.
I dropped 'em.

God damn, Larry.
Come on. Here.

Help me rip this sheet up.
Only 17 more pieces,
and I'm home free.

#I got arms that long to hold you #
#And keep you by my side #
#I got lips that long to kiss you #
#And keep you satisfied #
#If there's anything that you want #

#If there's anything I can do #
- Grace?
- Would you cut it out?

#And I'll send it along
with love from me to you #

- Hand it over, scag.
- What?

Our money.
These are fakes.

- Oh, there must be some mistake.
- Damn right. Look at this.

I know for a fact
they didn't use sheets
from J.C. Penney's at that hotel.

I swear to you...
I was told these sheets
are genuine. They really are.

Give us our money back
or we'll beat your brains.
Hey, hey.