I had dropped out of
law school when I met Eve.

She was very beautiful.
Very pale, cool in her black dress,
with never anything more
than a single strand of pearls.

And distant.
Always poised and distant.

By the time the girls were born,
it was all so perfect, so ordered.

Looking back, of course, it was rigid.
The truth is
she'd created a world
around us that we existed in,

where everything had its place, where
there was always a kind of harmony.

Great dignity.
I will say... it was like an ice palace.
Then suddenly one day,
out of nowhere,
an enormous abyss
opened up beneath our feet

and I was staring into
a face I didn't recognize.

"The basic popularity and appeal of Mao
for so-called American Marxists. "
This is supposed to go in the sequence -
in under the sequence
in reel two about South Africa.

Um... what we wanna
do is get two examples.

The idea is his style was
Marxist-Leninist - Mao's style -

but that he was accessible to the lower
classes because of his use of homilies.

An example is: "The hardest thing is to
act properly throughout one's whole life. "

What the hell does that mean?
Or, even worse...