So in a sense, it was
like he was her creation.

We kept getting shuffled
around to aunts and cousins.

And I guess Joey had the worst of it, cos...
As a kid, Joey was very high-strung.
She was a bright kid, you know? She...

She was very sensitive.
We'd spend some time with Dad,
mostly long Sunday breakfasts.

I always resented his relationship to her.
I always felt that he favored Joey.

It just seemed that they were
very close and that I was left out.

I like Frederick.
He has dignity... and promise as a writer.
My own strength is visual.
Your images are visual, Renata.
And in all candor,
I much prefer Frederick to Mike.
Mike's fine, Mother.
Well, he uses a very strong aftershave.
- It permeates the house.
- I don't wanna talk about it.

Do you think that if I bought him
another kind of cologne he would switch?

- Can we talk about something else?
- Well, let me give him some.

Then we won't have to talk
about it. It'll just be my gift.

Could we please talk
about something else?

Look, I wanna say something.
I'm gonna be very direct.

I think the occasion calls for it.
I've done a lot of
thinking about this matter

and a great deal of soul-searching.
Now that the girls are all on their own,
I feel that for my own self

I must come to this decision,
though I don't take it lightly.
I feel I've been a dedicated
husband and a responsible father,

and I haven't regretted anything
I've been called upon to do.

Now I feel I want to be
by myself for a while.

And consequently, I've
decided to move out of the house.