and the latest piece of TV junk she's done.
Well, that's her life.
And anyway, you have to
admit she is a sexy little girl.

No. Flyn is the opposite of sexy.
Hey, what about a scarf?
Flyn suffers from the same thing
my last book suffered from.

She's a perfect example
of form without any content.

That's very profound. And you
haven't even started drinking yet.

I am profound. But I'm not
the award-winning writer.

You're supposed to be giving me
insights into sex and other phenomena.

- Really.
- Really? C'mon, let's go. Frederick.

You look fabulous, Mother. But the
main thing is that you're feeling well.

- Yes, but I tire so easily.
- Can I help with something?

Joey says you're thinking about
taking on some decorating projects.

Yes. Joey pushes me.
But I'm not going to accept anything

until I'm sure I can maintain
the level that I expect of myself.

Mother, I can't believe this view.
It's just beautiful.

I'm getting used to it.
I miss the sea.
I can't get over how sexy Flyn got.
Yeah. She looks beautiful, doesn't she?
- Your new film is in Arizona?
- No. It's in Denver.

I leave tomorrow. I have to
be ready to shoot on Monday.

I have so many lines to learn.
But it's just a television movie.

- Did you speak to Dad?
- Yeah. I've spoken to him on the phone.

- Did he mention anything?
- He said he visits you.

Just now and then.
Nothing to live for any more.
- Don't say that.
- It's true.

You know that's not true.
Mother, look... It's all right, Mom.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing. She's fine.

Mom, it's a trial separation.