A month? Isn't that a little hasty?
- We've spent a lot of time together.
- That's a lot of time?

I expect you all at the wedding.
Flyn, too. I insist that
Flyn fly in and meet Pearl.

- The whole thing does seem a bit fast.
- It's gonna be fine.

She's a nice woman.
She's kind. She's affectionate.

Christ, I'm 63 years old, I wanna relax.
I'm happy just to lie
on the beach with her.

I like it that she's full of energy
and demonstrative and open.

You just met her. She's a widow,
and you're a wealthy man.

- So she's after my money?
- She's not saying...

- Why? Is that so far-fetched?
- I won't dignify that.

Don't get upset. A man in
your position has to be careful.

You don't know her yet.
She's a fine woman, and I love her.

It's going to be the worst possible
thing that could happen to Mother.

I can't believe she imagines
we'll get back together.

She imagines it because
everyone except me leads her on.

- I don't wanna hear that story.
- It's true.

And all that talk about a trial separation?
You were never coming back.

I wanted to let her down easily.
She's such a fragile thing.

She is not a thing. We all treat her like
a hospital patient. She's a human being.

Your idea of treating her like a human
being is to throw cold water on her hopes.

What hopes?
It was bound to happen. The most that
we could do was postpone it a little bit.

- You're all she lives for.
- Don't give me that...

- Now you're abandoning her for this...
- Joey, don't you go any further.

Dad, don't get upset. Don't get all riled up.
And don't think I don't notice you looking
at her in a judgmental, superior way.

You're imagining things.
We knew about your affairs before, but
your choices were a little more discreet!

Joey, shut up! Dad, she's upset.
Joey, you know how much
your opinion means to me.

- She's a vulgarian.
- Joey, be quiet!

I don't wanna discuss this.
I think you should do as you feel,
with our blessing.

- Joey, I count on you.
- I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Will you tell him it's OK?
Obviously it's your approval he needs.