Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Miles, will you tell me
what happened?

The same thing.
I found another one...
in the cellar
at Becky's house...

coming to life
while I stood there watching it.

It was Becky.
Yeah? I want to see
one of these bodies.

All right.
You're going to bed,
and you're staying with her.

Put on your clothes.
We'll go to Jack's first.

Got any coffee around here?
You'll find some in the kitchen.

He doesn't believe me, Beck.
He will.
Somebody's playing games!
Rough ones.
There's a blood spot.
What you saw was the body
of a murdered man.

Did you examine it carefully?
I don't know
what's happened to it.

It wasn't an ordinary body.
There wasn't a mark on it.

I checked it, too.
Not a scratch.

You can kill a man...
by shoving an ice pick
into the base of his brain...

leaving a puncture so small
the naked eye can't see.

You're ignoring the fact
this wasn't a normal body.

What about the hand
Teddy mentioned?

I heard lots of things
Teddy said and none made sense.

Hold on, pal.
I was here, too.

So was Miles.
Look, we took his fingerprints.
Look at that.
Tell me why it didn't have any.

He didn't want any,
so he took them off with acid.