Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Maybe they wanted me
to feel secure, but why?

I hope
you didn't forget the steaks.

I never forget anything.
Don't worry about him.
He's completely housebroken.

I need a martini, Beck.
Onion or olive?
Doesn't matter.
I want to pour it on the coals.

They just won't burn.
A martini isn't dry enough.
I'll get you something
that'll start it.

For drinking purposes.
You're looking shipshape.
Thank you, sir.
Here we are.
Jack! Jack!
They're like huge seedpods!
This must be how that
body in my closet was formed.

Where are they from?
I don't know.
If they are seeds or seedpods...

they must grow someplace
on a plant.

And somebody or something wants
this duplication to take place.

But when they're finished...
what happens to our bodies?
I don't know.
When the process is complete,
probably the original...

is destroyed or disintegrates...
No! Wait!
but I take a dim view...

of watching my own destruction
take place.

There isn't any danger
until they're completely formed.

We learned that last night
at your house.

Your blank
didn't change right away.

Not until you fell asleep.
Miles, when the change
does take place...

do you suppose
there's any difference?

There must be.