It Lives Again

All my vitamins and my food supplements
and my great vegetarian diet.

I bet you they're going to tell me
that's what caused it.

I've been thinking
about the legal aspects of this case...

and the government can't have
any actual backup for what they're doing.

Must come under the heading
of emergency measures.

If this thing were tested in the courts,
it would never hold up.

Sounds just like you.
You're getting back to yourself again,
talking like a lawyer.

What they're trying to do to us,
conspiring to murder our child.

Of course, in India, infanticide
has been practiced for centuries.

- Did you know that?
- No, I didn't know that.

Strangling baby girls at birth...
or spreading opium on
the mother's nipples before nursing them.

Glad I'm not in India.
I think today
they just starve the little girls to death.

They don't have enough food.
And I guess it's easier to kill
what you consider inferior.