La Cage aux folles

Go away!
She goes on in a few moments.
Mercedes just began.

You handle it.
I can't take any more.
I'm ready to kill her tonight.

A full house tonight, Mr. Baldi.
How much have we got?
1,250 more than yesterday.
Shall we do something
about the prince's tab?

-No discounts. How big is it?
-About 625.

-How many are they?

Don't charge for the coffee.
Mr. Baldi,
I couldn't do a thing.

-It's no use.

OK, have Mercedes
stay on longer.

Oh, Mr. Baldi, I'll get my bag.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but she refuses to get up.

Were you having dinner?
She must be onstage
in 10 minutes...

and she hasn't made up.
Go away!
It's me, Zaza. The doctor.