Les Raisins de la mort

I've been going in circles
since this morning.

- Did you come through the village?
- Is your village near here?

Yes. Are you lost too?
Listen, I'll help you find
your village.

What does this area look like?
There are large rocks everywhere.
They reach up to the sky
like trees.

Of course. Now I know.
We must walk west toward the sun.
We'll come across a little path.

The village isn't far.
- I hope the fighting is over.
- Fighting?

Yes, something like that.
Lucas told me to run for my life.

Here's the little path, over here.
- Why were they fighting?
- I don't know.

Life is hard around here.
People say I bring bad luck.
They make fun of me.

Lucas doesn't want me to stay
with all these problems.

Is Roubelais far away?
That's where I'm going.

Ah, Roubelais.
It's not really a village,
just a winery...

where they produce the local wine.
Is someone expecting you
in Roubelais?

Yes. Michael, my fiancé.
You think I could call him
from the village?

Of course. We might even find a car
to drive you there.