Midnight Express

The fucking law is.
- People get on his nerves.
- What's he in for?

Stealing from a mosque.
- What did he steal?
- Two candlesticks.

- That's all?
- Jimmy has more balls than brains.

He was in for a year and a half
before he even told his parents.

- What about you?
- Hashish, like most foreigners.

- What did they give you?
- 12 years. I had 100 grams.

You've got to get a good lawyer.
Talk to the Englishman. Max.

He's been in the longest.
Seven years.

Gastro. Stomach medicine.
It's got codeine in it.
It's the best I can do around here.

- Lawyers...?
- Oh, yeah.

There's no straight lawyers
in Turkey.

They're all bent.
Bent as hairpins.
Occupational necessity.

They have special classes
in corruption at night school.

If you're suspected of honesty,
you're disbarred.

I knew a lawyer fellow once.
He got that Frenchman off.
La Roche.