Revenge of the Pink Panther

- Permanently?
- Yes.

- She gave me an ultimatum.
- Like you have no choice in the matter.

- L haven't.
- You have to. Get rid of her!

- My own wife?
- Get rid of her. Out! Why can't you?

She's got enough evidence
in her safety deposit box to ruin me.

Her attorney has been told that
if anything accidental happens to her...

to give her box
to the authorities.

- Then get rid of the authorities.
- What do you think I am?

Get rid of her attorney.
- L couldn't afford the scandal.
- L'll show you a scandal.

You know I don't love her.
I need her respectability.

- Permanently?
- Yes!

Six years together, just washed up?
Just over with?

- L'm afraid so. L'm sorry.
- That's just wonderful, isn't it?

You obviously can't go on
being my secretary.

I have deposited a substantial amount
of money in your bank account...

- L don't want your money.
- What do you want?

I don't know what I want.
But I'll think of something!
Leaving early?
Later than you think, Mr. Algo.
Something you want me to do?
Not unless she decides
to be indiscreet.

If you have to, be sure
you make it look like an accident.

Ahoy, the skipper!
Hello, up there in the fog.