Watership Down

Long ago, the great Frith made the world.
He made all the stars...
... and the world lived among the stars.
Frith made all the animals and birds...
... and, at first, made them all the same.
Now, among the animals was El-ahrairah,
the Prince of Rabbits.

He had many friends...
... and they all ate grass together.
After a time,
the rabbits wandered everywhere...

... multiplied, eating as they went.
Then, Frith said to El-ahrairah:
"Prince Rabbit, if you cannot
control your people...

"...I shall find ways to control them."
El-ahrairah would not listen,
and said to Frith:

"My people are the strongest in the world."
This angered Frith, so he determined
to get the better of El-ahrairah.

He gave a present
to every animal and bird...

... making each one different from the rest.
When the fox came,
and others like the dog and cat...

... the hawk and weasel...
... to each of them, Frith gave a desire
to hunt and slay the children of El-ahrairah.