Watership Down

What's happening back home, I wonder.
Think, when we lived in our own burrows:
Dry, soft, warm bodies.
- Now, look, we can't go on like this.
- It gets worse and worse the further we go.

Where are we going?
It won't be much longer.
Then we can all rest.

- How much longer?
- We never should have left.

- Suppose Fiver's all wrong?
- We want to go back and find out.

Go back? After all we've been through?
And probably get killed for wounding
Captain Holly, an Owsla officer?

- Talk sense, for Frith's sake.
- We must go on, until we reach the hills.

Those that go back will not...
Not safe...
I don't believe you know
where you're going.

Now, listen to me,
you bunch of mole-snouted, muckraking...

It looks like you've come a long way.
Do you live here?
Yes, this is our warren.
We need to stay here for a while.
Why not? We supposed you would.
But I don't think there are enough of you
to live very comfortably on your own.