A Little Romance

I hoped she'd enjoy herself.
She spent the whole time reading.
Natalie? Lauren.
What happened in school today?

We played soccer with the boys.
Billy and another boy chose girls...

...to be on their team.
Can you imagine how nervous I was?

- He's your cousin.
- Second cousin.

The kids don't come out funny.
I checked.

- Did he pick you?
- No.

How can you have kids
if he won't even pick you for soccer?

In two years I'll fill out, my
mother says. Then he'll pick me.

It's a start anyway.
- What's the math homework?
- Pages 226 through 232.

God, it's so hard!
And Mr. Stuart gave us an awful test!

He says you're going to have to
make it up on Monday after school.

- Oh, no.
- Well that's what he said.

- I can't. I just can't.
- Why not?

- I met a boy.
- I can't stand it! Who is he?

- His name is Daniel.
- He's French! God, what else?

He lives in La Garenne
and his father drives a cab.

- A cab? Your mother will have a fit.
- Lf she finds out.

- You'd better not tell her.
- Are you in love?

You don't fall in love
with a boy you just met.

Are you?
- Yeah.
- Are you gonna see him again?

- I don't know if I can.
- You'll see what I've been through.

You don't know love
until you fall for your cousin.

- Second cousin.
- Right.

- Gotta go. See you Monday.
- Goodbye.

Reading something you
don't want me to see?

- It's just a book.
- I used to read those too. What is it?

An Introduction to Metaphysics,
by Martin Heidegger.

School has changed
since I was in seventh grade.