A Little Romance

...will you join me in a hot chocolate
and pastry?

- I know a delightful spot nearby.
- No, thank you. We...

It's years since I was in Washington,
but I have many fond memories.

We'll have lots to talk about.
I've never been there.
I'm from La Garenne.

I have been there too. Come along!
And so, Emilienne, we had not
been married very long...

...and she was not all that
sophisticated coming from Provence...

...was offered vodka
by the Russian ambassador...

...and she, thinking it was water
and following the other guests...

...swallowed it straight back.
You can't imagine her surprise!
I shall never forget her expression.

You were the ambassador
to the United States?

I was simply a humble attaché
at the embassy.

I didn't become ambassador
until the end of my career.

Then it was Liechtenstein.
Delightful spot...

...but hardly the top
of the diplomatic ladder.

Oh, that's fantastic!
What an incredible life
you must have had.

Please. Julius.
- You make me feel my years less.
- How old are you?

No longer young, Daniel.
No longer young.

- Your wife Emilienne?
- She has been gone 12 years now...

...to this very day.
I was on my way to the cemetery...

...when I ran into a large,
round object.

A football, I think it is called.
- I never saw it.
- I said I was sorry.

She won't mind my being a little late.
I go to see her every week...

...with all the breath,
smiles and tears of all of my life.