[Crew chattering]
[Parker Iaughing]
BRETT: This is the worst shit
I've ever seen, man.

PARKER: Have you got
any biscuits overthere?

RIPLEY: Here's some cornbread.
PARKER: Cornbread. Yeah.
LAMBERT: I am coId.
StiII with us, Brett?
BRETT: Right.
KANE: IfeeI dead.
PARKER: Anybody everteII you
you Iook dead, man?

Oh,yeah, right.
I justforgot something, man.
Before we dock...
I thinkwe oughtto discuss
the bonus situation.

BRETT: Right.
PARKER: Brett and I
thinkwe deservefuII shares.

BRETT: Mr. Parker and IfeeI
the bonus situation...

has never been
on an equitabIe IeveI.

You'II getwhatyou contracted
for, Iike everybody eIse.

BRETT: But everybody eIse
gets more than us.

ASH: DaIIas,
Motherwants to taIkto you.

Yeah, I saw it.
YeIIow Iight'sfor my eyes onIy.

OK, get dressed, huh?
Parker, Iet's go.

PARKER: Can Ifinish my coffee?
It's the onIy thing good
on this ship.