City on Fire

Stand aside a bit, don't crowd up here.
Inspector Lau!
The dead man was Chan Kam Wah, alias Wah.
He had seven knife wounds,
died through loss of blood.

He was calling from a shop.
Suddenly three men attacked him.
We're now getting a report
from the shop keeper.

I told you, I couldn't see them.
Then how do you know
there were three of them?

It was chaos, how could I see clearly?
What were you doing then?
Packing things.
People were killing over there,
and you were packing

They killed, I packed,
no involvement.
What's wrong?
I believe what he said,
didn't see anything.

Here is all the on-site evidence.
Get a car, take them all back.
Sir, you're not getting me
into trouble?

Take all the things back.
Can't you let the dead be comfortable?
All right!
Fetch Ko Chow here for me!
Brother Chow!
Have you reserved a table?
Take away your hand,
unless you don't want it!

Don't you know
I have a friend over there?

Brother Chow!
Where is Hung?
Over there!

Chow, you don't want to make trouble?
This place is looked after
by brother Tsui, don't do

What are you talking about? Shut up!