Hanover Street

... the Krauts can't get at us.
I'm messy enough to take Hyer down
with me! We're over the target.

I'm gonna drop the bombs
and let's get out of here!

Just a second.
We're over it,
the engine's falling off!

-Chief, what do you think?
-It'll hold, if you wanna wait.

Terrific, we've got Sergeant York
on the plane. I hate you, Lucas!

We're over the goddamn target,
let me drop the bombs.

We're over the target!
You're early because
you're afraid the wing will fall off.

-I'm gonna wait a few more seconds.
-I hate Lt. David Halloran!

-Serial number 057327--

Let him drop the bombs!
If we don't hit the target now,
we'll have to come back again.

-Now we're really over the target!
-Well, drop the bombs!

They're away.
Jesus, I hate these things.