Hanover Street

-More tea?
-I'd love some.

Judy Fox stole my keychain,
you know the one with the clover?

-Stole it?

How do you know?
I brought it to school.
I was changing after gym...

...and I couldn't find it. She had it.
When I said it was mine she said she'd
always had it.

And I know it's mine.
Everyone has to be nice,
because her father died.

-When did he die?
-A few months ago, in Africa.

She says it's hers. It isn't. I'm glad
you're intelligent. You won't die.

I'm in Intelligence. And you should be
especially kind to her now.

-You won't die, will you, Daddy?
-Wasn't it Paul?

Promise me.
And you will always love me?

-I'll always love you.
-And you'll always love Mummy?

-Even when you're 80?

I'll have to put my false teeth in
to kiss her.

-We're going back to Rouen.
-I'm gonna be sick.

We believe the Krauts are sending
an ammunition train south.

They'll expect us.
It won't be easy.

-You'll get lots of flak.
-Definitely sick.

Halloran, you fly lead.
Packman, second.

You've got cloud cover from 8 to
10,000. Make the drop at 6000.

I know what it's gonna be like,
so be careful.

He flew 100 missions over Texas
and he knows what it's gonna be like.

We should have 5- to 10-mile
visibility below 8000.

Approach from south to north.
Nobody ever took Texas
while he was there.

Takeoff is at 0830.
Good luck. I wish I could've gone
with you. Dismissed.