Last summer, I worked there
and I got pink rot all over my arms...

and I' ve been scratching ever since.
No way Uncle Joe is going to
talk me into cutting celery again.

I' d rather work at the car wash.
If one has committed
the unpardonable sin...

I still say he must realize that he has.
Just the opposite, Willem.
That is the error of the Pelagians.

Now the unpardonable sin
is the rejection of the Holy Spirit.

Well you can talk theology, John,
but I go back to the Bible.

Just look at Hebrews 10:28 and 10:29...
or Romans 3:23 to 25.
I' m sick of watching this television stuff.
- Oh, Joe.
- Come on.

What are you doing?
You know who makes it?
All the kids who couldn' t get along here.

They go to California and make television.
I didn' t like them when they were here
and I don' t like them out there.

Television. If you don' t buy one yourself,
the kids go someplace else and watch.

Give the kids a break. It' s Christmas.
He hasn' t changed in years.
And he never will.
Aunt Ruth?
Can we use Timmy for the Nativity play?
We need him to play baby Jesus.

Timmy is only six months old.
Stand still.