Look again, Billy boy, this is jailbait.
It could get you in a lot of trouble.

That' s no, twice.
All right. I may have to go to the authorities.
You want to listen to me, Andy.
You play with yourself?
You must play with yourself.

Will I bother with shit like that?
Look at my girls. They' re beautiful.

I' m a father to these girls.
With the money I make,
do I have to bother with that shit?

- You know who' s in there now?
- Who?

- Terry. The beauty.
- Right. The fire dancer.

- Very hot.
- Right.

She' ll grow hair on your head.
Do you want to hang around?
But you' d better be quiet.

Don' t make a sound.
That' s really Terry?
Move over a little bit.
Back up a little bit
and wrap yourself around him.

Okay, cut!
I' m going out of town for a while.
No, I don' t know when I' ll be back.
No, there' s nothing wrong.
Think you can keep things running?

Don' t ask.