Have you got a film called Slave of Love?
What we got is just these here,
what you see.

It' s a short film.
They' re all about the same.
Would you like something?

- This is the movie I' m talking about.
- I don' t know what you' re talking about.

I just wondered if you' d ever seen
this film of this woman right here.

That girl? No, I never seen her.
I don' t know anybody.

Look, I' m trying to find...
- Who owns this store?
- I don' t know.

Look, if you' re looking for somebody,
maybe you ought to check the yellow pages.

- Wait a minute.
- I don' t know nothing, man.

You don' t want anything for your 50 cents?
Here, take your 50 cents back.
- No, that' s all right.
- No, take it.

I don' t want your goddamn 50 cents.