Here' s $40.
Now, what do you want?
- I want to talk to you.
- Yeah, that' s cool.

About this woman. I' m looking for her.
I want to know if you know her!

Man, I told you, I don' t know nobody.
I never seen her before.

I' m getting angry.
Wait a minute, man.
That will cost you more than $40.

- I' m going to find some answers.
- Man, just wait a minute.

Who runs this place?
Is it that blonde guy out there?
Is that who it is?

I' m going to talk to somebody.
Where' s the bastard that runs this shithole?
- What' s the problem?
- He' s causing trouble.

I want you to help me find this woman!
I' ve been asking everybody!
Nobody knows anything!

Just cool it. Listen, we don' t want
the cops in here. You got a family?

I suppose you haven' t seen her, either!
Her name is Kristen!
I suppose you' ve never seen her, right?

Shut up!
Knock it off!