"to females under 50.
"Looks not imp." I-M-P, that' s in caps.
George Harper.
P.O. Box 77, Alhambra, California.
- That' s going to be on next week?
- Yes.

- I need it out by Thursday.
- No problem.

I' d like to place an ad in the Personals.
- Okay. How many weeks will that be for?
- Just one.

"Film Producer".
That should be in caps, bold face.

"Seeks young men, 18 to 25,
for hardcore film.

"Prior film experience a must.
"Call Jake at the Cinema Motel.
I like it red.
- How far you girls going?
- Far as you want, honey. We' re stranded.

Stranded? I guess I' m going first class.
Is that okay?
What kind of army has a soldier like that?
- He brought his own uniform.
- Let' s move in for the close-up.

Come on.
What the fuck are you doing?
Making a career out of this?

Too much angel dust...
Who do you think you are,
Antonioni or something?

- Mister...
- DeVries.

- Right. DeVries.
- Kurt.

Are you the star of this picture?
Are you kidding? Three days' work.
I finish tonight.

- The other girl' s the star?
- She thinks so.

What do you do?
I' m with Ramada,
we' re doing some things together.

Next time you talk to him,
tell him to pay his actresses more.

Paint the grass red, paint the road red...
For what you pay, I don' t paint, I just...