I don' t know if you saw it or not. I played
the slave of the Queen of Gomorrah.

I got some pictures here...
Excuse me a second.
Yeah. This is Jake.
We' re casting right now.
Have you had hardcore film experience?

All right, supposing I try
to squeeze you in today between...

4:00, 4:15, is that all right?
Yeah, the Cinema Motel, Van Nuys, Room 7.
Very good, we' ll see you then. Bye.
Okay, Pete, I have your
answering service number.

- lf we decide to use you, I' ll give you a call.
- Thank you.

I' m Dick Blaque.
You' re doing a porno movie, right?

- Right.
- Then I' m the man for you.

Glad to meet you, but I' m afraid
you' re not the type we' re looking for.

You mean because I' m black?
- No, you' re just not the type.
- What do you mean, not the type?

Man, don' t you know who I am?
I' m Big Dick Blaque.

I' ve done more porno movies
than you ever saw!

I' ve worked with Harry Reems, Johnny Wad.
Not the type?

I can come 10 times a day.
I can keep it hard for two hours at a time.
I' m a woman' s dream.

I got a dick hung on me 9 inches long!
I' m sorry, Mr. Blaque,
I' m sure you' re very good...

but at the moment
I just don' t have anything for you.

- If something comes up I' ll call you.
- Shit!

You don' t want to hire any niggers,
that' s all.

I knew this was a scam. This is bullshit!
No, I' m very sorry,
but I' m afraid you' re not exactly the type.

We have something a little different in mind.
Don' t you want to see my stuff, man?
What stuff?
You know, my stuff.