Yeah, sure.
All right, thank you very much.
Yes, come in.
Hey, man, what' s happening?
We' re casting an explicit sex action feature.
I know. Word' s out on the street.
Word' s also out
that you ain' t really hiring anybody.

- That' s not true, Mister...
- Jim Sloan.

Sometimes they call me Jism Jim.
That' s not true, Jim. As a matter of fact...
I think you' re very close
to the type we' ve been looking for.

Yeah? Well, I' ve done
a lot of good work, you know.

Shorts, features. No major roles yet,
it' s true, but it' s all been really good stuff.

That' s what I want to talk to you about.
I' ve seen some of your stuff.
I like your looks.

I particularly liked you in this film.
I remember that.
It was made by some college kids.

It was called Slave of Love?
I don' t know what it was called.
I never even saw it.

I only got $25 for the whole goddamn thing.
Well, I liked you in it. I also liked the girl.
I really thought she was good.
I was wondering, is she still around?
Still working?

Just wait a minute.
I need the work,
and I want to be in your picture...

but that is one bitch
that I will not work with again!

That was one freaky bitch, man.
I don' t know what she was into,
I don' t know what she was on.

I just don' t want anything to do
with her again, okay?

You know what she did to me? My prick
was so red and sore and chewed out...

I couldn' t walk for a goddamn week...