Who was it?
I'll get 'em.
I'll get 'em with this Swiss Army knife.

The Swiss trained me to kill,
and I will do it.

I will grab these guys by the neck,
take the toothpick...

and stick it
right in between their teeth.

Then I'll slap them around the head
a couple of times.

They'll go out for a couple of seconds.
I'll go for the corkscrew.

I'll grab 'em
and take that corkscrew...

and I will stick it
right into their voice box.

I will twist that mofo.
I will twist it into his voice box
and rip it out.

He'll talk like this
for the rest of his life.

I don't want to hurt anyone.
I just want them to like me.

You make one good friend a summer...
and you're doing pretty well.
Look, if you have trouble, come to me,
tell me, and I'll help you.

What is that?
Is that yes or no?
Yes is like this...

and no is just twisting,
twisting, twisting, okay?

- It was yes.
- This one? Definitely.

- Yes, one of those.
- It wasn't a side-to-side one?

You can hurt your neck doing that.
Have you got wheels,
'cause I need a lift back to camp?

My folks won't let me drive
'cause they caught me drinkin'.

They don't let me out of the house
anymore 'cause I'm a jerk.

They're gonna send me
to military school.

You forgot something.
Thanks for the fries.
- Christ, Hardware.
- What're you doing?

Why don't you warn me when you're
gonna play with your dynamite?

What are you doing, Hardware?
I'm hooking up this heavy duty outlet
for our new air conditioner.

An air conditioner?
That's great!

- Where is it?
- Morty's office.