- Say, got any kids in your family?
- No.

Did you ever do any time, prison?
- You know how to hot-wire a car?
- Not yet.

You'll learn in class.
Did you read in the paper today
about the Polish terrorist?

Tragedy. They sent this guy
to blow up a car...

and the guy burns his mouth
on a tailpipe.

That's an old one.
You'll get that a lot up here.

Rattlesnake! Look out!
Shh! Quiet. Quiet. Shh!
"...her head from side to side
against the dank jungle floor..."

Hey, relax.
"In the distance the ocean undulated
with increasing fervor."

- I can hear them.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!

This book is really disgusting.
Well, it sounds great to me.
I don't believe it.
"She could no longer
contain the plea."

Oh, my God!
Oh, you little hunk of honey bunch!
Take me!
Make me a woman.
"She realized she was uttering sounds
from deep within herself...

noises unlike any
she had ever made before."

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
"...the hungry personification
of passion and pain.

Closer and closer...
the stranger came
towards the entangled pair."

- What?
- Take me now!

- I said I'm getting a boner!
- Will you shush!

Wait a minute.
I think I hear something.

I'll check it out.
They can hear us.