- You know something, Al?
- What?

This is a very serious moment.
It is?
Don't you know what tonight is?
Tonight's our third anniversary.
Three years ago tonight, we met.
Oh, that is serious.
God, I'm sorry. I forgot.
Happy anniversary.
You know, Wheels, for a jerk,
you're really a nice guy.

Well... Come on. Let's dance.
- Come on!
- No. I don't know how.

One, two, three.
Simple as that.

Come on. Let's dance.
I'll lead, you follow.
And it made me love you
And it made me
never want to go away

And it made me helpless
And it made me always want
to stay that way

Attention, campers.
Arts and crafts has been canceled
due to bad taste.

All junior girls
are now junior boys...

and Nurse DeMarco says that the raccoon
fever epidemic is officially over.

Hey, you on the water skis!
- I saw you dancing with Roxanne.
- Oh, yeah?

Well, she sort of cornered me...
and there was nothing I could do
without embarrassing her.

Do you like her?