Norma Rae

That's all you're eatin' for lunch - an apple?
I'm dietin'.
I gotta keep my strength up.
I put these preserves up myself.

Sunday, Roscoe and I put up
over 60 quarts of peaches.

What'd you do over the weekend, Norma?
I soaked my feet.
I saw you in town Sunday.
Your friend drives a mighty big car.
Well, if you'd looked on the motel register,
you'd have seen my name there too.

It's none of my business.
Mama, you haven't opened up your sack yet.
Mama, aren't you hungry?
Mama, you feelin' all right?
Mama, can you hear me?
Mama, come on, now.
She didn't hear one word I said.
She doesn't hear you right now!

Now, you know that happens, Norma Rae.
- It happens all the time.
- Well, it doesn't happen to my mama!

- It'll pass off. It's just temporary.
- That's OK. She's only deaf for one hour.

She's only deaf for two hours.
She's only deaf all day!

- She can get another job.
- What other job in this town?

This is the only job!
I'll give her a note. They send her home.
Come on, Mama.
They don't care anything about you.