I don't give a monkey's arsehole
about mods and rockers.

Underneath, we're all the same,
ain't we?

Nah, Kev, that's it.
I don't wanna be the same
as everybody else.

That's why I'm a mod, see?
I mean, you gotta
be somebody, ain't you?

0r why not jump
in the sea and drown?

That's why I joined the army,
to be different.

To get away from all this.
Wherever you go,
there's always some cunt

who wants to push you about.
Run it, please!
Two bob.
I'll see you.
Two fives.
Nah, that's bollocks.
Three of a kind don't beat that.
- It does.
- Who says?

I do!
He's right you know, Harry.
Will you run it, please?
[Film] I was late.
She was waiting
in the wrong place.

And by the time I found her...
Did you get us some blues, then?
I'll have to see, won't I?
I dunno.

[Romantic piano music]
[Jim] 0ne card.
[Jim] Down and dirty.
Make a mod out of you yet,
Harry, eh?

I don't think, though,
they make Levis in your size.

[Romantic music continues]
- [Jim] Is it me?
- [Harry] Yeah.

[Jim] All right.
- [Des] Threes.
- [Harry] Threes.